Peranakan Siblings


A young modern-day Nyonya enlists the assistance of female colleagues to conduct a séance with herself as the spirit medium to invoke Si Wanggeh, a spiritual deity.

When she eventually wakes up from her trance state she relates an intriguing episode of her experience.

This form of female-only group entertainment was popular with young Nyonyas in the distant past when they were living under strict conservative parental control and had no access to recreation and entertainment.

The Si Wanggeh séance necessitates the correct singing of a specific mantra to invite the deity to take possession of the medium. During the successful séance, the medium will assume the identity of the deity who will answer questions and provide predictions of those participating at the session. For the séance to end, another set of specific mantra need to be correctly sung to urge the deity to depart and for the medium to awake. Failure to sing the mantra correctly will result in unpleasant consequences.

Peranakan Siblings were formed in 2003 as an informal group of Peranakan friends performing songs and sketches primarily for charity.

In 2005 it was formed as a business name to promote their activities on a formal basis. Since then it has done many performances for social enterprises and voluntary groups to promote Peranakan culture to all.

It decided to do a stage production in 2012 at The Substation. Entitled "Taik Judi" or "Gambling Addicts" it played to full house for a few nights. In October 2013, they staged a play called ""Oh...Singapore"" where they introduced various Peranakan communities including Teochew Peranakans and Peranakan Chetty. There were 10 shows each of which played to full house again!

In 2014 Benjamin Seck as Producer and Irene Ong as Scriptwriter, produced ‘’Anak Mak Satu” which played to full houses at the Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel from September 26 to 27, 2014.

Keep a look out for their future plays.